Sometimes people ask me where to eat in places I’ve lived at various times. Here is a partial and opinionated and disorganized list.


This list is current as of September 2021.

(Relatively) convenient to campus

Imm Thai Street Food Best Thai in walking distance to campus

Cafe Mezzo Giant salads and sandwiches. Split one with your friend.

Gregoire French takeout. Nap required afterwards.

Jupiter Acceptable pizza and beer, good patio.

Triple Rock Burgers, better beer, worse patio.

Kiraku Excellent Japanese food, mostly fish (not sushi). Usually a wait. Somewhat pricey. Order the rice in dashi/tea at the end of the meal when you are hopefully a little drunk.

Ippuku Almost as excellent Japanese food, mostly yakitori.

Less convenient

Emilia’s Best pizza in Berkeley. Best in the East Bay. Must call ahead.

Zachary’s Deep dish pizza. Good atmosphere. Good pizza, if you like that sort of thing.

Standard Fare Best lunch in Berkeley. Chez Panisse trained chef now making excellent sandwiches.

Middle East Market Persian takeout counter.

Sam’s Log Cabin Breakfast/brunch.

Funky Elephant Outstanding Thai food. Probably the best in the Bay Area.

Vik’s Chaat Indian.

Cholita Linda Cuban, mostly. Order the cubano.

Cheeseboard Pizza is overrated, but great baked goods in the mornings.

Caravaggio Outstanding gelato.


I last lived in Ithaca in December of 2017, some of this may be a little out of date.

Cafe Dewitt Optimal brunch.

Mousewood AVOID.

Saigon Kitchen Very decent Vietnamese.

Ithaca Brewing Company Acceptable beer, great patio (in summer).

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream Soft serve. Open in summer only.